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Getting sick

Just so mum and dad don't freak out when they read this I'm going to start by saying I am fine and am feeling much better.

I woke yesterday morning feeling groggy with a bit of a headache which is not unusual as we all find it a bit hard to sleep in the heat and we were all pretty exhausted from the previous day. We had breakfast and then we all just lazed around the house to rest up before we started working the next day. I can't remember exactly when but I started shivering. Lucy being super paranoid read through pretty much every disease in the little book that came in her first aid kit and had fun diagnosing me with multiple diseases. We finally decided I had heat exhaustion or sun stroke and was shivering because my skin was hot from sunburn. My back was a bit sore and every time I shivered pains shot down my spine. That was the worst part.

I drank about 3L of water in the morning and took some panadol around lunch time. The shivering stopped. Mads, Candice and I went for a walk around the island. About 20 minutes into the walk I told the others I was going to head back because I felt a bit tired and wasn't wearing sunscreen. About 5 minutes into my walk back I bumped into Asad who asked me how I was feeling and offered me a lift back on his motorbike. I told him I was feeling better and a lift would be great. He dropped me back at the house and said if I felt worse or needed anything I should call him straight away. He also asked me why I was so quite and didn't ask many questions which I found a bit suprising. I told him it was probably just my personality and he said "okay, I know some people like that".

Back at the house I lay down in my room for a bit until Pete came in to tell me they'd just started a movie in the common room. So I joined around 8 others to watch 'despicable me'. I watched the whole film feeling fine. After that they put on an episode of 'how I met your mother'. I started shivering again and Brooke who was sitting next to me asked if I was laughing. I decided it was time to go back to the room. I felt freezing which is no where near normal when everyone around me is sweating. I lay in bed with 2 sheets over me with the fan turned off but was still cold so tipped all the clothes from by bag on top of me for extra warmth. A few of the others came in and made me drinks with vitamins and stuff in them and Pete made me eat some cookies. I swear I'd drunk around 5L at this stage. Asad came in and asked if i wanted to go to hospital. I declined thinking it was just being cold from sunburn and I took 2 more panadol. People kept pushing for me to go to hospital so I finally conceded saying if I had a temperature I'd go to hospital because I didn't think I had one. Mel went back to her room to get a thermometer. When I did it for the first time it came up as 39.5, I was by myself in the room at this stage and did it twice more just to make sure and my readings were 39.7 and 39.6.

Off to hospital I went. It's so close that Maddie, Candice, Asad and I walked there. I sat in the waiting room for about 30 minutes and felt cold but no shivering. The doctor spoke pretty good English, I think he was from India. Maddie came into the consultation room with me. He asked me all the usual questions, checked my breathing, my temperature and blood pressure. It was pretty funny, when he took the thermometer out of his desk he swabbed it down with a cotton ball and I was thinking that it's either dry in which case it's not really going to clean it or it has some gross chemical on it and will taste foul. I was just reaching to put it in my mouth when the doctor said " no, no, no" and gestured that it went under the arm pit. I am very glad he told me in time. My temp was 38.8 so it had lowered, maybe because of the panadol I'd taken.

He started my diagnosis by saying "there are two fevers; viral fever and very dangerous fever, dengue fever. You probably don't have dengue fever, I think you have viral fever". He wrote out a prescription for me and told me to rest and if I wasn't better on the third day of being sick I'd have to be admitted to hospital and put on a drip. He also said if I got much worse I should come back and that I would shiver if my temperature was above 39. It took me forever to get to sleep. I had the thermometer next to me on the bed so i could monitor myself. Asad came and checked on me every hour for the first few hours until I told him that my temperature had been 39.2 for the last two hours so It was stable and I could sleep. I did sleep for a bit but woke around one am feeling pretty dizzy. I checked my temperature 40.1. I had a mini freak out and took two panadol and one of the random drugs I'd been given to take every six hours because I couldn't remember when I was supposesd to take the others. I then doused myself with water and stood under the fan, telling myself that if my temp didn't drop soon I'd call Asad and get him to take me to hospital. I checked it ten minutes later 39.8. I went back to sleep and woke up around 7 feeling much better. Lucy came in (she slept in a different room) and had a chat to me and I checked my temp which was 37.8. I took my drugs this morning and checked my temp about an hour ago and it was 38 but I feel fine and my eyes and back aren't really sore anymore. Asad made Gardia sleep on the couch in the common room incase I felt worse. Poor guy. This morning Asad came in and bought me juice which is supposed to be the best thing to be drinking. Just checked my temp 38.6. Bit annoying. I've already drunk 1.5L this morning and I'm about to eat breakfast even though I'm not hungary. Gardia is my company in the house today. His english isn't very good so there's a lot of grinning and shrugging of shoulders involved in conversation. Chappey has attached his hard drive to the tv so I might work my way through a series. Asad and Chappey really are our Maldivian daddies.

I doubt I have dengue fever, if i do and I only feel this sick then bring it on. I also don't have heaps of the symptoms so I like my chances. Well writing this has burned a bit of time for me. I'll update if there's any note worthy changes.

Posted by SusannahBinsted 20:23 Archived in Maldives Republic

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